Why do my pants smell

FAQ on Coronavirus and Mefi : check before posting, cite sources; how to block content by tags. Washing them doesn't get the smell out. What IS the smell, is there a sure way to get rid of it - aside from returning them to the store as a defective product, which I'm willing to do - and why do so many jeans being sold in stores now smell like this? So I've been buying and wearing jeans for about 20 years, and this problem of the permanent mothball stench in new jeans only came up within the last few years.

I know it's not specific to one store or one brand. It doesn't seem limited to the cheapest jeans. I did some Googling to find out what's up with this smell and only found a bunch of people wondering what the smell is and how to get rid of it.

If I do get rid of the smell in my new jeans, I'm left with the broader questions of why they stink in the first place and if anyone making or selling them even cares. My questions: 1. Does anyone here know for sure what this smell is? I've seen it suggested that it's in the dye, or that the garments are sprayed with bug spray when being shipped and stored. Does anyone actually know? Do manufacturers or stores recognize this as a problem?

A dermatologist told me years ago that formaldehyde or a related chemical is often in the dye fixative. The smell washes out and he recommended washing before wearing if my skin was irritated by it. I agree with Songdog, I believe the smell is formaldehyde. These previous questions may also be helpful.

Many new jeans have this horrible smell. I bought a pair of jeans from Express a year or two ago and despite frequent, determined washings, the smell did not fade for months. It did eventually go away completely, but it took a long time. I normally wouldn't have kept them, but they make my ass look amazing. I was so sure that I read an article on xojane last year about this. Now I can't find the article, which is really frustrating.Your vagina will have a slight odor and it's quite normal.

It may indicate a problem when you notice a strong odor. Do you notice a fishy smell coming out of your vagina? Have you noticed your vaginal odor change just recently? This may be due to an underlying issue, especially when you have other signs and symptoms such as burning, itching, discharge, and irritation.

This often makes women ask, "Why do vaginas smell like fish? Simply put, your vagina will have its own special smell that may change due to different factors. How you smell is usually a combination of bacteria living in your vagina, how you dress, what you eat, how much you sweat, how often you clean yourself up, what your glands secrete, and how your bowel works.

You also need to bear in mind that there are glands near your vagina that secrete pheromones that attract your sexual partner. It means you don't always need to worry about how your vagina smells, and there is usually no need to deodorize your vagina because it sometimes affects the vagina's natural pH and leads to different gynecological conditions. You may notice a fishy smell when you have bacterial vaginosis, a type of bacterial infection that can affect women of any age.

It is usually the result of an overgrowth of bacteria normally present in your vagina. Lactobacilli are good bacteria that outnumber anaerobes or bad bacteria present in your vagina. Any misbalance will lead to an infection and result in bacterial vaginosis. You may have it even if you have never been sexually active, but it usually affects women who are sexually active and engage in sexual activities with one or more partners.

Along with a fishy smell, you may also notice a milky-white discharge from your vagina. The odor becomes strong usually when you have unprotected sex and semen mixes with vaginal secretions. It is also common for vaginal odor to become strong when you're having your period.

You need to go see your healthcare provider to confirm if you have bacterial vaginosis or not. Now you already know the answer to your question, "Why do vaginas smell like fish? Your doctor will check for other signs and symptoms, perform a pelvic exam, and even take a sample of your vaginal discharge to identify the real issue.

It is important to understand that bacterial vaginosis doesn't always cause other health problems, but in some cases, it leads to certain issues such as the following:.

How to Make the Smell of Stretch Jeans Go Away

Your doctor will use antibiotics to treat your infection. You may have to use them as pills that you have to swallow or you can use them in the form of capsules that you have to put in your vagina. You will have to take pills though if you're pregnant. With the use of antibiotics, your bacterial vaginosis should clear in a couple of days, but even if it does, you may have to continue with your treatment for a week or so.

Be sure to continue taking your medication even if you feel better. Not completing the course of your antibiotics is only going to make it difficult to eliminate the infection. Bacterial vaginosis is usually the answer to your question, "Why do vaginas smell like fish? Copyright WWW. Last Updated 16 April, What Causes Fishy Odor in Vaginas?Report Abuse. Contact Us. Diabetes Type 1 Type 2 Prevention. Trending Coronavirus. By subscribing, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Women's Health Community. Answer Question. Read 8 Responses. Follow - 4. I'm sorry sweetie, the advice this person, MamiandPoppy was not right. I don't know if it has gotten better, but I have this same problem and I don't even have sex. I always have to take a lot of antibiotics and yeast medicine just to feel better for about a week until it starts all over again. Let me know if you gotten better.

Try washing the outside of your vagina with vinegar or baking soda mixed with water daily. You can buy a small spray bottle and fill it half with vinegar and the rest with water and add a little bit of baking soda it takes lucky vinegar smell away shake it and then spray entire genital area with it.

Rub it in and rinse.

why do my pants smell

Hope this helps. Like when you go to bed. You state that the odor, doesn't seem to come from within the vagina. In that case you might have high ph levels.

I would suggest purchasing ph level strips and testing your ph. Liquid Chlorophyll can help with the smell and so can activated charcoal in pill form. Go on a stict diet, water, cranberry juice, wheat germ, fruits and lots of greens.

Switch your detergent, deodorant and body soap to that of low ph. Toms or dove unscented is a good body soap, All ph balance is a good detergent. Kotex Natural Balance pads and tampons are ph balanced. Buy Norforms or Rephresh inserts for the odor. High ph causes your body to be highly alkaline, can give off strong odor.

I hope this gets to you, if you're still dealing with this. God bless you and much love. Google it I don't know the name right off the bat. Firstly the best way to eradicate bacteria is with isopropyl alcohol so get or Thats the outside dealt with and you can use it as deodorant under your arms as well. Inside is more complex, there is a vitamin supplement that can help with this issue or change your diet.

What I did, went to the gyn, check nothing wrong there or with urine, clean bill. Detective work, went with the source, underwear. Bought new and though I never wear them without washingI put them on and wore for the whole day, smell check, not too bad. Gathered every pair I own and a big bucket of hot water, added baking soda and soaked almost 24 hours, rinsed out x two, added more hot water and a handful of dollar store aspirin-crushed, a little laundry soap and set again overnite, rinsed each pair out rubbing the offensive area in the bucket, and tossed into washer, set to hotsmall drop of soap, to make the wash rinse washing have a little scent, dried no dryer sheet, I also trimmed pubic hair a little, and blow dry the area before dressing, conclusion old BACTERIA SOAP residue was feeding the problem.

I feel soooo much better not having that strong odor and wondering alllll the time who else smelled it too.And, yep, those bacteria give your vag its signature scent. But uh, what does that typically smell like? Still, there are times when you catch a waft that smells a bit…off. The cause can be as innocuous as sweat or as troubling as an infection, says Dr.

The most likely culprit behind this scent is bacterial vaginosis BVthe most common vaginal infection in women ages 15 to 44, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC. Minkin, so BV on its own is pretty harmless. Still, you may be able to re-balance your vaginal acidity with some over-the-counter "pH warfare," says Dr. You might need an antibiotic to clear up the infection, or you might actually have trichomoniasis, a common and easily treatable via antibiotics STI.

If you notice redness or burning around your vagina, or have pain after you pee, this is the likely cause, says Dr. Diabetic women may especially notice this since yeast feed on sugar, and diabetic women tend to have more glucose a.

why do my pants smell

See your doc about what's going on down there, and she might prescribe something or recommend something you can buy OTC. Two questions: Did you just pound out a major sweat session at the gym and are you wearing synthetic underwear think: nylon or polyester? Exercise and non-breathable knickers can cause a musky smell from trapped sweat, says Dr.

It should go away as soon as you shower use just water or a mild soap. Of all the scents your vagina can have, this is definitely the most concerning one. To dislodge it yourself, lie on your back or squat with one foot propped on the toilet, then reach into your vagina with clean fingers to search for the string.

No luck? See your ob-gyn who can use a speculum to get the job done.

why do my pants smell

One thing to note, though: If left behind too long the bacteria can sometimes but rarely trigger toxic shock syndromea deadly condition linked to tampon use. If you know your tampon's been in for more than eight hours or, tbh, you can't remember the last time you changed itand you've got flu-like symptoms fever, nausea, achniessit's time to see a doc, ASAP.

Blood you know, from your period can change the pH of your vagina, making it smell coppery or tinny, says Dr. You can wash your vulva with soap —just avoid going crazy with strong scented soaps because they can throw the pH even further out of whack, says Dr.

But other than that, you've just gotta ride this one out. Masterson says that BV—which, again, usually smells fishy—can sometimes smell like ammonia instead. Lastly, Dr. Masterson says that intercourse specifically the low-acid pH level of sperm can trigger an ammonia smell, and so can any lubricants and spermicides you might have used.

Basically, you can wait this smell out a little bit to see if it fades on its own.

If it doesn't in a few days, check in with your ob-gyn. Masterson says this is usually diet-related. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Juj Winn Getty Images.Vaginas have a smell, there's no way around it. And to be conscious of your smell is completely normal.

In fact, it's healthy to pay attention to the way your vagina smells, so you can keep track of your genital health. If you're wondering why your vagina smells like urineit could be a few things. According to a German study, the vagina has up to 2, different odors.

Most of the time, however, NHS Choices noted that your discharge shouldn't have a strong smell or color. Which means that if your vagina smells like urine, it could be time to head to the doctor. Rajiv Gala, a physician with the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, told The Huffington Post that the challenge with vaginal odors is that there aren't a lot of great studies that can help you determine between normal and abnormal.

Physician Marni Friedman agreed, telling HealthTap that any change in your genital health means you should be examined. Friedman went on to suggest that vaginitis specifically can exist without a change in discharge, and that a change in odor can be the only symptom. Jeff Livingston also reported to HealthTap that if you haven't experienced a change in your discharge, but you've experienced a change in your vaginal odorthat it's most likely a case of bacterial vaginosis.

According to the Mayo Clinic, vaginitis is "an inflammation of the vagina that can result in discharge, itching and pain. The cause is usually a change in the normal balance of vaginal bacteria or an infection.


The good bacteria helps control the growth of the bad bacteria, and when the balance gets upset, it results in bacterial vaginosis. Bacterial vaginosis is usually a mild problem that sometimes goes away on its own, but it can sometimes lead to more serious problems.

The Mayo Clinic recommends seeing a doctor if you've never had a vaginal infection before, if you've had multiple sex partners, you're having sex with a new partner, or if you've had an infection before but it seems different. The smell could also be from excessive perspiration, or leaking urine, according to Dr.

Gala's conversation with The Huffington Post. Gala also said that a woman's menstrual cycle can change the smell of her vagina. If the odor of your vagina is strong enough that you're concerned, or if the odor persists, you should see your doctor to determine the cause.Nothing feels better than walking into a fresh-smelling home — that someone else has cleaned.

While that may be true whether we are 35 or 65, hiring someone to stay on top of our house cleaning chores means more the older we get.

At some point, what used to feel like a luxury becomes a justifiable necessity. Even if we hold on to our good health, we start losing muscle mass with each passing decade. Climbing ladders to wipe the overhead fan blades feels daunting with time. Our favorite vacuum cleaner seems to get heavier each year.

How to Remove Chemical Odors from Jeans

And while having a clean house is appealing, cleaning it is not. Factor in arthritis in our hands, a bad back or a worn-out heart, and we find ourselves going online to see just how much those house cleaning services cost. Once the decision is made to investigate house cleaning services, the first choice is whether to go with a large company that provides the maids or with an individual house cleaner. There are pros and cons to each choice.

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It also protects you against theft, accidental breakage and in-home accidents by being bonded and insured. With an individual house cleaner, you have the opportunity to select the person who will be coming into your home.

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You question if they offer a risk-free trial so that you can check them out, how hard it is to cancel the service and what kinds of protections there are regarding insurance. Also, you want to know how many people will be in a cleaning team, if you have to be home when they come, how they secure your house key if you give them one and if they use environmentally friendly cleaning supplies.

The frequency of house cleaning is one factor in how companies price their services to you.Manufacturers dye fabrics to get the desired colors, and sometimes the odor is not removed in process. Jeans, especially black ones, may still smell strongly of dye when you purchase them. You can get rid of the odor by using an appropriate washing routine that safely removes the dye smell without causing your jeans to fade.

Set your washing machine to a cold water cycle and turn it on. The cold water will prevent fading. Place the jeans into the wash along with a capful of laundry detergent designed for use with dark colors. Also add a half cup of baking soda, which helps deodorize the fabric. Pour one cup of white vinegar into the washing machine at the start of the rinse cycle.

The vinegar is another deodorizing agent that will get rid of the dye odor without harming the jeans. Mel Frank is a professional freelance writer with over 15 years of writing experience. She has completed a wide variety of writing assignments for a number of publications that include CNN and various websites. Frank received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from a prestigious university in Pennsylvania.

Hunker may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story. Wash black jeans with a mild routine. Step 1 Set your washing machine to a cold water cycle and turn it on. Step 2 Place the jeans into the wash along with a capful of laundry detergent designed for use with dark colors.

Step 3 Pour one cup of white vinegar into the washing machine at the start of the rinse cycle. Step 4 Dry the jeans as you normally would. Vinegar Tips: Laundry Mrs. Share this article. Mel Frank.

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