Fiji murders

An Australian woman has been found dead in Fiji and her husband is reportedly in hospital in a case police are treating as a suspected murder. Fijian media reports the woman is mother-of-three Jennifer Downes, who had worked for the United Nations in Suva since The suspect in the Service Street alleged murder is expected to be questioned by police soon. Police spokeswoman Ana Naisoro told the Fiji Sun newspaper that the incident was being treated as a suspected murder.

They found Ms Downes dead and Mr John with serious injuries. A residential area in Suva, housing mostly expatriates, was in a state of shock last night after the alleged murder of a woman.

The woman was identified as Jennifer Downes who worked for an international organisation in Suva. Ms Naisoro could confirm only that the couple were foreign nationals who worked for different aid organisations in Fiji. The whereabouts of their three children — all aged under five — is not known. An Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade spokesman said consular assistance was being provided to the family of the Australian woman.

Police at Ms Downes' Suva home.

Fiji 2019 Crime & Safety Report

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Consumer confidence records largest-ever monthly decline, drops below GFC low. Pell barrister to lead inquiry into Ruby Princess debacle. Today's Stories. Subscribe Get The New Daily free every morning and evening. There was an error submitting the form. Please try again.An ongoing investigation hopes to unravel the mysterious and tragic death of a family in Fiji, and many suspect it may have to do with witchcraft.

The unscathed bodies of a family were discovered in the Nausori Highlands of Fiji after a group of neighbors discovered the grisly scene. The deceased family had been in close contact with Isoof over the years after he was hired to treat Usha Devi for severe abdominal pains. Facebook The mysterious death of the family, which included two young girls, are still under investigation.

fiji murders

The dead family members are survived by the infant recovered from the scene and her father, who was separated from the group during the incident. I always took my daughters away into the bedroom.

fiji murders

Setareki Nalaga was the first to happen across the bodies. He then discovered a fifth body, a woman lying more than 60 feet away from the rest of the bodies, held an empty bottle in her hand.

Horrified by what he discovered, Nalaga immediately went to seek out the other neighbors for help. Kelera Toloi, the neighbor who recovered the baby, was astonished by how the infant was able to survive alone.

Fortunately she did not walk or she would have fallen off the cliff. Neighbors told police that they had not seen the deceased family since the Saturday before their bodies were discovered, making it likely that the infant managed to survive for at least 36 hours alone in the Fiji wilderness. Following the charge against Isoof, both him and his wife were stopped at the Nadi International Airport by police while on their way back home to Christchurch, New Zealand.

Then, discover the story of Caesarionthe love child of Julius Caesar and Cleopatra who was murdered by his adoptive brother. By Natasha Ishak. According to an eyewitness who first found the bodies, four of the family members appeared to have been laid out in a pattern-like position on a rug on a Fiji cliff.

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Insights blog Our Insights blog presents deep data-driven analysis and visual content on important global issues from the expert data team at Knoema. Learn more. Fiji - Homicide rate 2. The description is composed by our digital data assistant.

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Please provide valid e-mail Subscribe. Privacy Policy.Posted July 23, Local media reports said the body of Akuila Salavuki was found lying in a pool of blood on the Suva foreshore in May and that she had died from massive head injuries after a blunt force trauma. It is the second suspected hate crime murder since September when a gay student was found dead north of the city.

Ms Waqa said year-old Ms Salavuki, nicknamed "Lucky", had recently come to identify herself as a transgender woman. Friends and family have described her as an outgoing personality always eager to make others smile.

Ms Salavuki was due to graduate from university next year and was a popular member of the youth wing of the Social Democratic Liberal Party.

Ms Waqa said she had no doubt Ms Salavuki was murdered because her gender identity did not conform to Fiji's conservative, predominantly Christian, social norms. Local media reports did not acknowledge that Ms Salavuki was trans or that her murder was a suspected hate crime.

Last September the mutilated body of year-old gay university student Iosefo Magnus was found in Nasinu, just north of Suva. Police have said they are treating both cases as suspected murders but have made few comments about their investigations so far.

Ms Waqa said people in the LGBTI community felt police were not taking the cases seriously and no one had confidence that those responsible would be brought to justice. Topics: gender-rolesmurder-and-manslaughtercrimefiji. If you have inside knowledge of a topic in the news, contact the ABC. ABC teams share the story behind the story and insights into the making of digital, TV and radio content.

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Pacific Beat. Photo: Friends said they had no doubt Ms Salavuki was murdered because of her gender identity.

Texts revealed in trial over Arishma Chand's murder

Supplied: Facebook. Related Story: Sydney play about gay hate examines a global problem. Photo: Friends and family have described Akuila Salavuki as an outgoing personality always eager to make others smile.Picture: Facebook Source:Supplied.

With no visible injuries present on the bodies of the five family members, police suspected from the start they were poisoned. One of the victims was allegedly found with an empty bottle of Coke in her hand which had no label on it.

Nileshni Kajal, 34, her daughters Sana, 11, and Samara, 8, were found dead along with her parents in the Nausori Highlands in Fiji on August The eerie scene where baby Sumaira braved up to 36 hours alone in the wilderness with the dead bodies of five relatives.

Police haul the five bodies up to the roadside. Mr Isoof and his wife are longtime friends of the victims and lived next door to the family in the Nadi suburb of Legalega for decades before emigrating to New Zealand. Mr Isoof and his wife were born in Fiji but relocated to the east Christchurch suburb of Linwood, where he had been working as a bus driver, according to The New Zealand Herald. The order was enforced after a court rejected an application to detain them longer than the 48 hours permissible under Fijian law.

Investigators quickly established the family had a long history with Mr Isoof — and a shared fascination with the occult. The father of the two dead children, who was separated from Ms Kajal, said Nirmal Kumar and Usha Devi had a strong interest in witchcraft. I always took my daughters away into the bedroom.

Nirmal Kumar, 63, his wife Usha Devi, 54, were heavily into witchcraft, according to their son-in-law. Mother-of-two Kelera Toloi, 25, described the incredible moment she found tiny Sumaira at Celekuta, a popular but rugged sightseeing spot, around 9am on August She had followed others down to the scene following reports a baby had been found alive among the bodies of five people.

Ms Toloi said she did not know how the infant had managed to survive alone without shelter or sustenance but said her inability to walk had probably saved her life. Fortunately she did not walk or she would have fallen off the cliff. Muhammad Raheesh Isoof, 62, aka Kamal the witch doctor, and his wife have both been grilled over the five deaths by police. Picture: Supplied Source:Supplied. And he knew about herbal medicine sometimes he would give that too.

fiji murders

The family friend said Kamal was a good man and the whole Legalega community was in shock over what had happened. A funeral service for the five was held on August 31, with friends and family travelling from Australia, New Zealand and Canada to be there.

Log in No account? Sign up Log out news. Share on Facebook. Jacinda Ardern takes 20 per cent pay cut.Department of State. The current U. Overall Crime and Safety Situation. The U. Embassy in Suva does not assume responsibility for the professional ability or integrity of the persons or firms appearing in this report.

The American Citizen Services unit ACS cannot recommend a particular individual or establishment, and assumes no responsibility for the quality of services provided. There is considerable risk from crime in Suva. Crime is a continuing problem in Fiji, and can have a major impact on the work and life of the community. The majority of crime occurs in more densely populated urban areas. Although tourists and U.

The most common types of crime are property crimes e. Street robberies and pickpocketing incidents, especially those targeting visitors in western towns popular with tourists, occur both day and night. Criminals typically work in pairs, but also operate in larger groups.

These groups lack an organizational hierarchy or long-term vision, and generally operate on an ad hoc basis. Most assaults and robberies occur at night around popular restaurants and nightclubs.

Areas located near impoverished settlements, including some resorts, have a higher rate of burglary. Such settlements are ubiquitous and difficult to avoid. Most burglars prefer to avoid direct violence or confrontation. Because firearms are very limited and offenses involving firearms carry stiff penalties, other weapons e. It is common to see people carrying cane knives outside of the city; they are a routinely used agricultural tool.

Many burglars do not hesitate to enter an occupied residence or business and brandish weapons. In such cases, the burglaries appear planned and carried out by groups of people. Criminal elements have been known to bend or break through security bars and, on occasion, solid wood doors. Some criminals also target cash-reliant businesses for robbery due to careless cash handling procedures.

Violent crimes e. There are elements of Asian organized crime involved in illegal gambling, prostitution, cybercrime, and narcotics distribution in Fiji. In recent years, Australian outlaw motorcycle gangs have attempted to establish a presence in Fiji, but they do not appear to have caused any significant crime-related issues. InFijian law enforcement identified skimming devices and related equipment commonly used in ATM and credit card related fraud.

Most of the skimmers are easily spotted, but many victims still fail to recognize the devices. Some banks have added increased security measures to ATMs — including anti-tampering measures and PIN concealment covers — but small, regional banks continue to be targets due to the absence of such security features. In lateauthorities arrested three Bulgarian nationals for possession of a skimming device with intention to obtain personal financial information dishonestly.

Email and social media fraud schemes, which range from romance schemes to variations of Nigerian fraud scams, also appear to be increasing. In Augustpolice arrested 77 Chinese nationals on suspicion of fraud, later deporting them. The group appears not to have been targeting U. S interests, focusing instead on Chinese citizens living in Fiji. Hotel beaches are public by law, but hotel guests are generally the only users; beaches are generally safe.There are hopes in Fiji that community fears will be quelled now that a man is in police custody facing multiple murder charges.

He also faced an attempted murder charge relating to the one-year-old baby cousin of the two dead girls. A freelance reporter in Fiji, Lice Movono, said rumours of witchcraft circulating since the discovery of the dead family three weeks ago in the Nausori Highlands, can now be put aside as the case reveals more information. And as the trial takes place that allay a lot of the fear that's in the community.

Police investigators in the Nausori Highlands following the deaths of five members of the same family. Huge crowds are gathered at the Nadi Magistrates Court in Fiji today after news broke a man had been charged in relation to the deaths of a family in the Nausori Highlands last month.

Over two weeks after the mysterious deaths of five family members in Fiji's Nausori Highlands, a woman related to the group says she is still waiting for justice. Fiji's so-called 'miracle baby', found 10 days ago crawling at the top of a cliff near five dead family members, has now been discharged from Lautoka Hospital. Fiji's National Secretary for Sanatan Dharam, Pratinidhi Sabha, says the Hindu community is shocked and saddened by the recent deaths of five family members in the Nausori Highlands.

Police investigators in Fiji have conducted further searches in the Nausori Highlands where the bodies of five members of the same family were found last week. Pacific RSS. Follow RNZ News. Tags: Fiji. Mother of Fiji's 'miracle baby' says whole nation wants justice 12 Sep Fiji 'miracle baby' out of hospital as sorcery rumours abound 5 Sep Fiji Hindu leader warns against witchcraft following deaths 4 Sep Police conduct further search for clues in Fiji family mystery deaths 3 Sep Get the RNZ app for ad-free news and current affairs.


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